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Greetings donors of the St. Catherine's Parish Well, Oristown, Co Meath. Irl.

Your well has been dedicated to a community of grateful people. Click on this link (blue) to see the dedication photos of your Well. 

#530 St. Catherine's Parish Well, Oristown, Meath.     https://www.dropbox.com/sh/twnhizsdyk2f04e/AAAcSDAwNqwjtjwMEimfwgr-a?dl=0

Thank you so very much for this invaluable gift that is now giving people access to clean water, an amazing transformation in their daily lives, all because of you.  We have been able to work through some of the mobility restrictions in Uganda which caused delays to us doing what is the most rewarding part of our job - celebrating with you your well pumping clean water and celebrating with the community your well pumping clean water. That is a win-win, no matter what challenges we face.

The next connection you will have with your well will be the receipt of your "Well Photobook"  a tremendous representation of the good you have done and one which you will want to show to everyone you know so they might be inspired to fund a well and experience this incredible "giving-to-those-in-need" reward.   We pray, St. Catherine's Parish, that your light of compassion and hope spreads so that others will shine their light of compassion and hope with a dedication of their own living well.

Blessings Galore,
       Marilu  and Aidan.


Due to the re- introduction of restrictions Mass will be celebrated online every Sunday at 10am and from Tuesday to Friday also at 10am. You can join us by clicking on the link on this page.




Due to the intermittent  suspension of Masses, you will I'm sure appreciate that contributions to the Church have greatly decreased.

Perhaps you might consider making a donation through our Oristown Parish Website. You can select Donate at top of page which will take you to where the Parish Bank Details are listed.

Any donation will be greatly appreciated.


Mass will be live streamed on MCN Media at the follwing link: 




St Catherine's Church,

The present church in Oristown was opened and dedicated 15 November 1970 by Most Rev. John McCormack.

Times of Mass

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St Catherine's Church
Sunday 10.00am

St John The Baptist Church,
Saturday 7.00 pm.        Sunday 11.30am

Weekday Masses

Times of weekday Masses are published in the weekly
Parish Newsletter/Bulletin

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